5 Undervalued RBs

  1. Joe Mixon – I don’t understand why Mixon isn’t getting more love. Joe Mixon has had back to back 1,400 yard seasons while playing with trash at QB and a poor team around him. The addition of Joe Burrow should help Mixon get more space on the line of scrimmage. Right now Mixon is sitting behind guys like Austin Ekeler, Derrick Henry, and Nick Chubb. I have Mixon squarely as an RB1 and a lock to be a top 10 RB.
  2. Chris Carson – It tends to be forgotten how good Carson is. Carson was locked in as the starting RB in a very good Seattle offense that wants to run the ball. Averaging 82 yards a game rushing gives Carson the 6th highest amount in all of football among RBs. Carson isn’t a huge threat in the passing game but he is right on line with guys like Joe Mixon and Aaron Jones. A late second round ADP makes me feel like I am stealing great value even early in a draft.
  3. Sony Michel – If you think Belicheck is going to try to beat you with Stidham and a throwing offense I think you are nuts. Pounding the rock and playing defense is what they want to do I think. Michel seems to be forgotten in this offense. Eleven weeks last season Michel had 15+ touches which seems high for most of us who thought he had a bad year.
  4. Raheem Mostert – I know this will probably be a time share with Tevin Coleman but down the stretch and into the Super Bowl Mostert was a stud. If we get Mostert as 1A in the offense I would expect around 12 to 15 carries a game and the chance to break a big run or all around game off at any moment.
  5. Jordan Howard – I really question why Howard doesn’t get a fair run on any team he goes to. Chicago it was Tarik Cohen, Philly was Miles Sanders, and now in Miami it’s Matt Breida. Jordan is only 25 years old and is productive while on the field, last season averaging 4.4 yards a carry.

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